FSLC WoS/South Turkey: Child Protection and Food Security and Livelihoods - Tips and Recommendations

Post date Friday, 30 June, 2017 - 11:27
Document Type Manual/Guideline
Content Themes Age, Protection
Sources Food Security Cluster / Sector
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The checklist and recommendations have been developed by the Food Security and Livelihoods Cluster (FSLC) and Child Protection Cluster in order to give a guidance to the Clusters’ members on different action to be taken in order to ensure that Child Protection is mainstreamed in FSL activities. This document has been finalized in consultation with Cluster members.

The Syrian conflict has dramatically impacted children; in regards to food security - children are considered among the most vulnerable especially children who head the family, wounded, unaccompanied/orphans, those involved in WFCL, and children who are displaced with or without their families. Food Security of girls and boys may be affected differently due to the gender roles and expectations placed upon them by their families and communities, including impact on nutrition. Moreover food insecurity often leads to the adoption of negative and irreversible coping strategies that may impact girls and boys in different ways: consuming less or skipping daily meals, sending children to eat elsewhere (out of the family), early and forced marriage (especially for girls), wood gathering, begging, removing children from schools, child labour, "high risk/illegal" labour, etc. as highlighted by several assessments, including FSL Cluster Assessment 2016. Interventions to address these concerns must include women and men, as well as boys and girls to foster an effective response. Programs that support livelihoods and food security must consider both the direct (i.e. increased household food consumption) and indirect impact on children (i.e. children left alone when parents are at work). While one goal of our program is to reduce negative coping strategies – especially child labour and early marriage – we must also consider the contribution these programs can make towards supporting safe work for youth.

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