As a result of discussions with the gFSC-SAG on 31st March 2020, based on request from gFSC members, it was decided to establish an ad hoc COVID 19 Working Group (C19-WG) within the gFSC.

The purpose of the C19WG is to strengthen the coordination of gFSC partners in their preparedness and humanitarian response to mitigate the impact of COVID 19 on the food security of all vulnerable and affected populations.

There are 5 results of the C19 working group: 

Result 1: A joint monitoring system is established to: 

-follow the evolution of the risks on food security 

-capture global food security partners responses trends 

Result 2

-Specific guidance for existing activities to be implemented under COVID19 risk is identified and/or developed/adapted (when needed 

-Knowledge management products (lesson learned, best practices, etc.) are developed and shared. 

Result 3 Joint Advocacy messages are developed with the gFSC partners as well as other clusters 

Result 4: National, WHO and Health Cluster strategy to mitigate Covid 19 impacts are supported by FSC partners’ efforts.  

Result 5: Information from the wider industry on key issues that may inform response plan scope and focus over time 

For any information on this WG, please contact Damien Joud at


Key documents