Central African Republic

Central African Republic

Quarterly Dashboard: January - March

Post date Monday, 14 June, 2021 - 15:52
Month(s) covered 2021-06
Document Type Static dashboard
Content Themes Food Security Coordination (gFSC ad hoc document)
Sources Food Security Cluster / Sector


The updated IPC analysis conducted in March 2021 indicates that, for the period April - August 2021, 2.29 million people will be food insecure in Crisis (Phase 3) or Emergency (Phase 4).

For the period April - August 2021, which coincides with the lean season, approximately 633,000 people have been classified as Emergency, while approximately 1.66 million people have been identified as Crisis.

For this period, however, humanitarian funding has not yet been fully mobilized to ensure a comprehensive response (coverage of food needs and food production/restoration of production capacities) that considers the significant increase in needs.

About the number of people assisted in the first quarter of 2021, it should be noted that most beneficiaries have only been assisted once (especially beneficiaries targeted for direct food assistance).

Therefore, despite the 56% of the target being reached, gaps remain as it takes at least 3 months of assistance to meet the needs of vulnerable populations.

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