Cash and Markets Working Group

Cash transfer is increasingly being used to address food security gaps during emergency and recovery contexts. Many of the global Food Security Cluster member partners are using cash transfer modality in recent emergencies and hence there is a need for the Food Security Cluster to look at ways to establish a systematic mainstreaming process of Cash Transfer Programming (CTP) and ensure coordination of such interventions, as well as a need to strengthen the capacity of partners in CTP. The gFSC partners decided to create the Cash and Markets Working Group (CMWG) during the November 2013 gFSC global partners’ meeting that aimed to support these efforts from the global level. One of the significant deliverables of CMWG was the establishment of CashCap (Cash and Markets Standby Capacity Roster) in 2015, which is currently hosted by NRC with different cluster members serving as steering committee members.

In 2015, it was felt that the CMWG could further contribute to the cluster partners by building on the experiences gained and success made, share experiences, build capacity of cluster coordinators, and promote innovation and improve cash transfer coordination in sudden onset and protracted crises at country level. With the current momentum in CTP among different cluster partners and other clusters, a discussion was held among few gFSC cluster partners in September 2015 whether CMWG should again be reactivated. gFSC Global Partners’ Meeting in December 2015 then decided to reactivate this WG to facilitate and support the mainstreaming of Cash Transfer Programme (CTP) in food security sector in close coordination with other clusters and Multi-Purpose Cash Grant initiatives.


Objective 1: Systematically analyze, compile and map the existing cash transfer tools, mechanisms and good practices in food security sector within varying contexts and facilitate capacity building at global and country level in the areas of market assessment and analysis to effectively design and respond through cash transfer programming during sudden onset and protracted crises


Objective 2: Share knowledge and experiences on Cash Transfer Programming at gFSC level through collaboration with other cash and market groups of other clusters


GST focal point: Damien Joud


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