Evidence and practice review of the use of cash transfers in contexts of acute food insecurity

Post date Monday, 23 January, 2023 - 15:05
Document Type Manual/Guideline
Sources Food Security Cluster / Sector

This report was commissioned by the Global Food Security Cluster Cash and Market Working Group co-chaired by Catholic Relief Services and Plan International. 

This report was authored by Marie Boulinaud and Martin Ossandon from Key Aid Consulting, under the guidance of Corrie Sissons, Damien Joud and Syed Mohammed Aftab Alam from the Global Food Security Cluster Cash and Markets Working Group. 

The report benefited from the input of Hélène Juillard from Key Aid Consulting, and from the in-country co-leads of the Food Security Clusters/Sectors and Cash Working Groups. 

The authors would like to thank all key informants for their time and insights.

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