Food Security Sector Cash Dashboard - January 2023

In January 2023, the food security sector assisted 1.7 million people with food assistance and around 26 thousand people with agriculture and livelihoods, of which 74 percent (1,087,799) and 59 percent (15,595) respectively received support, through cash voucher assistance (CVA). A total of 16 organizations, national, and international non-governmental organizations, and UN agencies used various delivery mechanisms such as cash payments, mobile money transfers, paper vouchers, and electronic vouchers. Borno state hosts 92 percent of the CVA beneficiaries, with Yobe state hosting 8 percent and Adamawa state 0percent.

Partners providing CVA food assistance will add 2,000 naira per month per household to the food basket transfer calculation for cooking fuel to maximize nutrition intake and minimize protection and health risks and environmental hazards, largely affecting women and girls looking for and using firewood.

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