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gFSC Strategic Advisory Group (SAG)

One of the key decisions made by the gFSC partners during the December 2015 global partners’ meeting was to establish a Strategic Advisory Group (SAG). With support from an Ad Hoc Committee gFSC drafted the Terms of Reference, which was presented and discussed during the gFSC global partners meeting in June 2016, and finally endorsed. An election was held and ACF, Welthungerhilfe and IFRC were elected as members. The SAG came to full shape by September 2016 with nominations from FAO and WFP, and the election of a field Cluster Coordinator from Whole of Syria (WoS). The SAG had the first teleconference followed by two face-to-Face meetings in Rome during October and November 2016. SAG also presented the progress of their works since the formation to the global partners in the meeting in November 2016.